Ashley D. Pierce

Ashley D. Pierce is a self-taught mixed media artist born and residing in Columbus Ohio. The subject matter of her work is drawn from her personal experiences, emotions and people in her life. Sometimes her work seems light and comical but often its deceiving dealing with deeper more complex issues. Pattern and texture play an important role in her work as she states that it allows her time to build relationships and work out conflicts with her subject matter. The unique style of her work allows the viewer to create their own story and dialog with the piece.

In her own words: “I pull inspiration for my work from my life. Most of my subjects tend to be self portraits but some are visitors representing an emotion, feeling, vice or real people. I use my art to navigate my life and often find putting the pen to the wood is like talking to an old friend to work out a problem. I start with an idea and create a very loose sketch on wood. It’s not until I start inking the drawing in until I know if it will work out or not. I find it very soothing to create pattern and repetition as it allows me time to work out the feelings in my head. I use watercolor to stain the wood and colored pencil to bring out the drawing. I finish with a Dremel tool, carving into the wood to create more pattern and texture.”