Bill Miller in the Columbus Dispatch

Lindsay Gallery artist Bill Miller was featured in a Columbus Dispatch article earlier this year:

Linoleum lives on
Ex-painter uses flooring as groundwork for bright scenes
Sunday, April 23, 2006
Bill Mayr

To all the homeowners and landlords who sensibly covered their kitchen floors or any other room with linoleum: Bill Miller says thanks.

Miller, 44, of Silver Spring, Md., turns vintage linoleum into fine art. An exhibit of his work recently opened in the Short North?s Lindsay Gallery.

His pieces look like mosaics or collages or paintings, but they’re none of the above.

“The thing is, it’s all linoleum,” gallery owner Duff Lindsay said.

“When you’re at a distance, they look like lush, vintage oil paintings. Then, when you get up close, you see that the deft brushwork is really the skilled piecing together of linoleum.”

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