Amber Groome – Deborah Griffing

Opening reception: FRIDAY MARCH 3, 6-9pm

Art-making at it’s best,  whether it comes  from  so called “outsider” artists or academically trained artists, is often the product of obsessions and the need to control them.

Amber Groome tells stories of her struggles as a woman fighting mental illness. She puts the pain into her polymer clay dolls, obsessively organizes  them in boxes, and then exorcizes the demons by sending  them out into the world. In recent years Groome has begun showing her collage and watercolor work that expands on these themes, and the two edged swords of domesticity and faith.

Deborah Griffing says she has become unsettled by the  awareness  that what we perceive as our reality is not a static certainty but a delicate landscape that can shift unexpectedly.  She uses her art to sort through, mull over, and adjust to an ever-changing existence. “ I often feel as though I’m a traveler creating destinations; places where I can unleash my obsessive tendencies, wallow in repetitive details, all the while maintaining a satisfying sense of control.”