Robert Falcone and Nancy Josephson

Artist’s reception: Friday, Aug. 1, 2014 6-9pm

In the tradition of Mise en abyme and Tromp l’oeil, this series of paintings by Columbus artist Robert Falcone portrays medicinal weeds as classic botanical illustrations. The plants are beautiful, often edible and helpful for a variety of therapeutic purposes. Falcone says that understanding nature’s bounty will be an important survival skill as our civilizations begin to crumble around us.             

Born in NYC in 1955, Nancy Josephson has spent much of her life mining whimsical, beautiful and often controversial subjects. As an artist, author {Spirits in Sequins: Vodou Flags of Haiti}, and musician {Angel Band, backup singing for Dylan, Aretha and Linda Ronstadt} Nancy traverses the world of spirits and secular. As a visual artist using sequins, beads and found objects Nancy fills empty space with beauty.


Sales benefit Annie’s Fund for the Creative Arts