Steve Moseley and Doug Gantt

Opening Nov. 4, 6-9pm
Doug Gantt tells stories of the Old West, often inspired by paintings or illustrations. Gantt reworks these images onto a flat plane, often turning backgrounds into abstractions. They are, in his words: “stories of events chapter to chapter when law and order became laws of the town.” Doug paints at the Open Door Art Studio, a local community of artists with disabilities. Steve Moseley began his artmaking with ships in bottles, but soon switched to storytelling. Moseley gravitates toward subjects that people think about but may be reluctant to discuss. By the way, the scenes are all constructed through the mouths of the bottles! After he was diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses, he realized that he really didn’t care if viewers were offended by his themes of religion, sex and politics. Steve is a Kentuckian who now resides in St. Louis.