Janis Price, new paintings

Janis Price {b. 1933} is one of the foremost living American Memory painters.

Price lives in Newark, Ohio and still paints most every day. She has often been

called the “Grandma Moses of the Midwest.”


Joey Monsoon paints people who have been worn down by the lives they have lived, and that wear and tear shows in their eyes, their skin… even their posture. But as world weary as they are, he always treats them with the respect and dignity that a hard-lived life deserves.





















































It’s remarkable for a self-taught painter to be able to depict people from the inside out. To show us how their struggles in life have affected the way their skin hangs on muscle and bone… so that we can clearly see who they are, and imagine what they have experienced.



















































These are not “pretty” paintings… but they are beautiful in their own way.