Elizabeth de la Caridad Senin Silva

Havana, 1991
Elizabeth has always had the support of her family, which has allowed her to grow with joy and gain more and more independence despite her functional diversity due to neurodevelopmental disorders. From a very young age, she felt a special attraction to drawing as a means of expression and a desire to create her own world full of fantasy characters. Her initial motivation came from manga cartoons. Fairies, princesses, nymphs, mermaids, etc. became part of her collection of characters – at the time only female – focusing on the details of their anatomy, but not on their surroundings.

Silva likes to densely populate the paper with many figures of different types and sizes, sometimes with greater heterogeneity of color and sometimes with drawings in the same spectrum of tones. Another characteristic of her drawings is the writing of small texts describing each of these creatures. The combination of writing and text creates a web of lines and shapes with a certain rhythm and harmony. The fact that the figures all seem to have impossibly long legs gives her groupings a feeling of motion… like a parade of mysterious performers.