Lázaro Antonio Martínez Duran

Havana, 1983
It was in his adolescence that Lázaro began to feel a special inclination for artistic manifestations. He wanted to attend an art academy, but his intellectual disability would have immediately rejected him from any Cuban art school.

His drawings reveal an amazing understanding of drawing technique. Through a loose line, with stronger strokes in the contours and the use of texture and perspective, he manages to recreate urban environments, which he likes to give great vitality, dynamism and a great wealth of detail.

In addition to relying on his excellent visual memory, in which he stores the details he records during his routine walks through the city, he often revisits old Soviet magazines, which were very popular in Cuba in the 1970s and 1980s, to extract visual references that he uses in the conformation of his representative universe, which he fuses with current images of cities around the world. In this way, he combines reality and fantasy, reflecting places and situations that are often the expression of desires that he has not been able to fulfill.

Duran’s work has been widely shown around the world.